FAQ – Any Questions?


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Hopefully this will answer some of your questions. But if in doubt you can phone or email us.

Who does it work?

  1. Pick a ceramics bisque of your choice. Prices are indicated (studio fee may apply depending on promotion).
  2. Find some seating (upstairs, downstairs, out the back in the conservatory). You can reserve if you like.
  3. Do your creative painting.
  4. Hand it in to us and pay.
  5. Comeback in 7 to 10 days to pick-up your completed glazed creation, or we can post it to you worldwide at an additional cost

Are you a Franchise?

Nope. We are proudly independent.

You look expensive?

Thanks for the compliment, but you will find us one of the cheapest Ceramics Studios/Cafes in London.

So how much does it cost?

Costs vary on the size and complexity of the ceramic. Prices range from £8 to £40 pounds. In addition to the ceramic there is the studio fee. Depending on promotions this can be £5 to nothing. Check the website, or follow our twitter feed, or join face book to see up and coming promotions.

Are you a Cafe?

Yes, we sell limited good quality food at the counter (Cake, Crepes, Coffee, Tea, etc…), but it’s not the main reason we are here. We are also licensed so you can also enjoy local beers from local brewery, chilled white wine and Prosecco and specially selected red wines.  Check our event page also for our clay and cocktails evenings.

Do I have to Paint?

Nope. We are happy for you to chill-out taking in the creative vibes of others, or assist in a group effort.

How about birthday parties?

Depending on the numbers of your party you might be able to book a private birthday party where we can seat up to 20 children. Or we will reserve a table space of your choosing in the public seating areas.

Is there a “ceramic take-away service”?

Yes, we are happy for you to perform your creative painting elsewhere. You will have to pay a deposit to cover the return of paints, brushes, etc… In the case of a one-off bisque this will be more than in-house, but we will refund you any difference when you return with the bisque(s) to be glazed. A great idea for a dinner party, birthday party, etc…

Do you do baby 3D castings?

Yes, depending on how busy the shop is this may be done on request, otherwise a convenient time will need to be agreed.

What about private functions?

Yes, happy to open out of hours for Hen’s nights, Mum’s nights, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, etc…

Bring your own Alcohol?

We are very pleased to announce that we now hold an alcohol license and therefore we can sell you wine beers, cocktails and wine. However, we will permit you to BYO if you wish. 

Can you post my new treasure to me?

Yes, at your expense we will be happy to post national, and worldwide.

I cannot pick my creation up?

We will keep your ceramic for 3 months maximum from the date you created it due to limited space. We will attempt to contact you during that time, but please do not expect you treasure to be around after that without prior consent.