Wonderland Ceramics is a creative space open to the public to paint ready made ceramics. If you prefer you can model your own shapes from wet clay or try a throwing session on the potter’s wheel. You may also host your most memorable private parties for adults and children alike and enjoy exclusive use of our highly stylish Alice in Wonderland themed party space..

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It is also  an open access members studio aimed at everyone from beginners to experienced potters and artists who wish to have access to a studio for making pottery.

“What colour of grey would you like mum” said my boy as he applied more paint to his ceramic money box train which was now only changing shades of grey. My older daughters understand the colour palette better and produce more visually vibrant displays of creativity. Now glazed, they all take pride of place on shelves full of memories. Hopefully, it will be the same for you. In this ever growing digital world, here is a unique way to trap a memory for you or for others. From money boxes, dog bowls, plates, tea pots, and trains there is an object to express creativity. Once the ceramic has been painted we will glaze it in our kiln for you so it can be put on a shelf, or used for more practical day to day purposes.

As you have possible gather by the shop name and looking through the window, this is no ordinary shop. With everything in my life I like to be different, and hopefully this has come through it the design of this ceramic cafe and studio. This is not yet another Paint a Pot shop with wooden tables, cheery yet non descript walls, and generally non descript food. Certainly the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

We are not trying to be another cafe in Victoria Park, and certainly do not want to compete with them. So we are a ceramic studio space first and foremost, but we do sell some good food and drink to assist in creativity. Our hope is this cafe will be visited not only by the residents of the village, but further afield.  Following on from doing this differently, we have the only lever coffee machine in the village. No, bean to cup machine here, it’s a traditional “Naples” lever machine, using single estate organic arabica coffee.

This is a creative space, hence the much muted background colours of the shop. The only primary colour is red. Colour is up to ou and your creative inspiration. Why Wonderland Ceramics?  I guess we would have called it “paint a…” something, or “bisque” something, but as always I want to be different. Adult and child alike “Alice and Wonderland” is special, so we decided to delicate this shop to Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka “Lewis Carrol”) for his endearing piece of creativity. So on that theme, the shop resembles a traditional mono chrome book, with images and text from taken from his children’s stories.

Even the font of the text in the shop is a copy of Lewis’s actual hand writing. In contrast to the shop is the furniture which is bright red to represent the Queen of Hearts.  There is allot of subtle icons used extensively through the shop. What do you think the number chairs represent? The mantra is to inspire, but not to overwhelm.

The shop is a bit like Doctor Who’s Tardis, or Hagwarts from Harry Potter. You will find seating out the back and down stairs. We can comfortably seat up to 30 people. So if it looks full upstairs do not disappear as there is seating elsewhere. If in doubt you can phone and reserve a space.

This is still very much a work in progress, still a list of unfinished business. Ceramic painting is the first of many activities and services that we will offer. In the coming months we will start plaster casting, from baby’s feet and other forms of body castings.


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