Wonderland Ceramics is also a great place for adults and children parties alike.

Children birthday parties at Wonderland Ceramics start from

£15 per child with a choice of animal or figurine, trinket box. Duration1.5 hours.

£20 per child for a wider choice of ceramics, trinket boxes, plates, breakfast bowls etc.. Duration 1.45 hours.

£25 per child for an extended range of ceramics to choose from large money boxes, large trinkets boxes, trophy cups etc… Signing plate for the birthday child is available to create a memento. Duration 2 hours.

Optional party food at £7 per guest include fresh vegetables, pizza slice, jelly or ice cream and fresh fruits and for an additional £1 freshly made Candy Floss at the end of the birthday party, children love it…

Children party packages are available for groups of 10 children or more.

Adults birthday parties, hen parties, team building, baby showers, fundraising parties all welcome.

Out of hours bookings also welcome for a group of 8 or more.

At the cafe you will find hot and cold drinks and a variety of crisps, snacks, pancakes, cakes etc…

We now have a selection of beers, red and white wine, prosecco and champagne to help you in your creativity. If you prefer you can BYO (corkage applies).

For parties or large group bookings, food (cakes, sandwiches etc…) need to be pre-ordered at the time of booking or 4 days before the event at the latest.

Tea Earl Grey or English breakfast £2

Teas Mariages Freres £2.50

Espresso (double) or americano £2

Cappuccino,  latte or flat white £2.70

Hot chocolate £2.50

Mocha £2.70

Mint or camomile herbal tea £2

Optional extra soya milk or skimmed milk or marshmallow add £0.50