Wonderland Ceramics is also a great place for adults and children parties alike.

Children birthday parties at Wonderland Ceramics start from

£13 per child with a choice of animal or figurine, trinket box. Duration including food time 1.5 hours.

£16 per child for a wider choice of ceramics, trinket boxes, plates, breakfast bowls etc.. Duration including food time 1.45 hours.

£19 per child for an extended range of ceramics to choose from large money boxes, large trinkets boxes, trophy cups etc… Signing plate for the birthday child is available to create a memento. duration including food time 2 hours.

Optional party food at £7 per guest include fresh vegetables, pizza slice, jelly or ice cream and fresh fruits and for an additional £1 freshly made Candy Floss at the end of the birthday party, children love it…

Children party packages are available for groups of 10 children or more.

Adults birthday parties, hen parties, team building, baby showers, fundraising parties all welcome.

We now have a selection of beers, red and white wine, prosecco and champagne to help you in your creativity. If you prefer to BYO we will charge a corkage fee £5 per wine bottle and we will provide you with glasses.

Out of hours bookings also welcome for a group of 8 or more.



(need to be pre-ordered at the time of booking or 4 days before the event at the latest) 

Pancakes (organic eggs and flour)

Ham and cheese £3.95

Salmon and cream £5.40

Feta and spinach £4.00

Optional extra organic egg +£1.00


Paninis £5.95

Parma ham, mozzarella cheese, baby tomatoes and fresh basil leaves


Raclette £13 (per pers. Min. 2 can also be served as a buffet)

Molten raclette cheese with boiled potatoes and cured meat


Fondue Comtoise £13 (per pers. Min. 2)

Molten Comte cheese with sourdough bread


Cheese board to share £15.00

Comte cheese, Morbier with crackers


Cheese board with cured meat to share £15.00

Comte cheese, Morbier and Parma ham and ciabatta bread


Sandwiches £4.50 (can be presented whole or cut into finger sandwiches)

Variety of fillings available on white or brown bread

Yorshire roast ham and english mustard, roast beef with horseradish sauce, chicken with lettuce watercress grated carrots and celeriac, smoked salmon with lemon mayonnaise or gravlax, tuna with mayonnaise sweetcorn, cucumber and cheddar, cheese and pickle, egg salad, baby spinach and tomatoes etc…

Mini gougeres (choux pastry with cheese specialty of Burgundy) £2.00


MENU DESERT (all cakes need pre-ordering at the time of booking 4 days in advance minimum)

Pancakes (organic eggs and flour)

Lemon sugar £4.30

Nutella £4.60

Mapple syrup £4.30


Optional extra whipped cream + £0.50, fruit (banana, strawberries or blueberries) + £1.00



Brownies £2.50 or £28 for 12

Chocolate craquant £ 36

Dark chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse and a thin layer of praline and a dark chocolate glaze

Hot drinks

Tea Earl Grey or English breakfast £1.80

Teas Mariages Freres £2.30

Espresso (double) or americano £1.80

Cappuccino,  latte or flat white £2.40

Hot chocolate £2.50

Mocha £2.70

Mint or camomile herbal tea £1.80

Optional extra soya milk or skimmed milk or marshmallow add £0.50


Cold drinks 

Orange or apple juice £2.00

Can of Coca-Cola £1.90

Lemonade £2.35

Mineral water still or sparkling £1.50

Ribena £1.00


Meantime beers  London lager 330 ml  4.5 % £3.75

Meantime raspberry Wheat beer 330 ml 5% £3.75

Meantime beer India Pale Ale 750 ml 7.4% £7.50

Meantime London Porter 750 ml 6.5% £7.50


Prosecco La Gioiosa Prosecco DOC spumante 750 ml £15


Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label 750 ml  £38 or glass150 ml £8

Veuve Clicquot Rose 750 ml £46 or glass 150 ml £10

White wine

Chablis Bouchot Ludot 2013 750 ml  £18 or glass small 125 ml £3.20  glass large 185 ml £4.20 (Chardonnay from Burgundy France)

Louis La Tour Saint Veran 2012 750 ml £18 or glass small 125 ml £3.20  glass large 185 ml £4.20 (Chardonnay from Burgundy France)

Red wine

Cocktails £8

Blueberry Martini

Gin and Tonic




Kir royal, kir or cardinal kir

Pisco Punch

Rhum coca